Energy Optics SA is a trusted consulting and project management firm, providing value throughout the solar supply chain. Having strong ties with EPCs, solar installers, general contractors, developers, PPA firms and large consumers of energy, Energy Optics sa is able to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships.

A solar manufacturer or distributor looking to gain market share in the EMEA would benefit greatly from utilizing EOs sales & marketing team to assist in Distribution Channel Development. Facilitating procurement of the right products for the right projects is a large portion of EOs involvement in solar integration.

For manufacturers seeking high volume distribution into the EMEA market, EO’s Distribution Channel Development program is geared toward increasing distribution, broadening relationships, enhancing brand awareness and bringing clients to the limelight of the solar industry in EMEA.

Close knowledge of their client’s products, unique selling proposition and brand, allows Energy Optics to begin identification of distribution channel development needs. Utilizing EO’s relationships with EPCs, installers, distributors, developers, energy consumers and marketing partners is crucial to EO’s clients gaining exposure in EMEA. EO’s Distribution Channel Development program consistently grows its network of solar integrators providing increased exposure to new EPCs, installers, and developers beyond Energy-optics’s existing relationships.

After creating a EMEA distribution channel for their clients, Energy Optics SA manages this dealer network providing new projects, updates on product offerings, specifications, and training. This eliminates the need for large internal staffing needs and reduces overhead costs in an industry that continues to be “cost challenged.”