Pr & Online Marketing

With sustainability initiatives at the forefront of company objectives, it’s vital that awareness is created regarding YOUR decision and efforts in going green. Promoting the solar goodwill between an entity and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc., leverages an opportunity to increase brand value through Solar PR.

Energy Optics SA will provide a press relations reach to spread this awareness and place your company in a positive light, while working with existing marketing departments or companies.

Through a strategic mix of mediums focused on public relations, your efforts in sustainability will be promoted and spread virally. Press releases and media kits can be sent out to create positive press on behalf of the entity. Brochures, newsletters, e-newsletters, interactive social media outlets, and a”Press Room” which would have online versions of these documents, can also be delivered to capitalize on the solar initiatives.

Get started on a customized Solar PR campaign today!